About & contact

This is my professional and public website.


  1. Is a creative problem solver and technologist
  2. Was a front-end web developer, when that meant semantic and accessible HTML, CSS and jQuery
  3. Was before that a data warehouse and database application developer
  4. Writes—in descending order of fluency—English, HTML, CSS, Oracle and sqlite3 SQL, Unix shell script, snippets of JavaScript
  5. Works in Digital at a major bank
  6. Does web stuff, data transformation and migration
  7. Likes most to craft elegant, small, tricky things
  8. Yet thinks and reads widely about the evolution of Digital technology and its effects on business and our lives
  9. Lives near Melbourne, Australia

Twitter: @andrewbarnett

Email: andrew@andrewbarnett.net


Stuff written down here for my own reference; organised as follows: