I am Andrew Barnett — Dad and husband; web and database developer; problem solver; INFP.

About me


I am a web developer with a focus on content. I code clean, semantic and standards-compliant HTML and CSS; also Javascript and jQuery. I am fortunate to be working in a great team at a major bank. We constantly strive to maximise user experience and accessibility. We value standards compliance, semantic mark-up and progressive enhancement.

Before this I had a long career as an Oracle database developer, specialising in data warehousing and SQL tuning. Those data-transformation and migration skills still come in handy: a CMS is a database application.


I am a proud and hands-on Dad; an enthusiastic-if-limited cook; a creative and random thinker; introvert; agnostic…

I like: my family; web publishing and design; sustainable living; growing food; cooking; wine; aircraft; residential architecture; landscaping; writing; photography; Apple computers; flexible frameworks; iMessage and Emoji; time with family and close friends; time alone…

I dislike: ideologues of all persuasions; inauthenticity; bad food and wine; thoughtless architecture and design; fixed and arbitrary rules; telephones; operating systems that are not UNIXy…

Get in touch

Should you like to chat or know more about me, please get in touch.


These are things that I make for myself or family, etc.

Nathalie Allaz
My wife's photography website (currently rather sparse as we're rebuilding from scratch)


This website is static HTML5 with a little Javascript. I made it by hand on a Mac using TextMate 2.0-alpha, vim and the built-in Apache, etc., web stack. Hosting is by WebFaction (that's an affiliate link, pays me money).

The code expresses opinion on document structure and semantics, progressive enhancement and responsive design.

There is no visual design because I am not a visual designer.