I am a creative problem solver, critical thinker and technologist. I live near Melbourne, Australia.

What I do

A label for what I currently do, particularly in an enterprise context, would be Technical Business Analyst, or perhaps Technical Product Owner.

I am a technologist: I understand technology, how it works and its potential. I communicate equally well with technical and non-technical people and help them to a common understanding.

I get excited by content management and design, data structures and APIs.

I like scripting languages and databases and spreadsheets and the written word.

I enjoy getting my hands dirty with things like:

  • content migration
  • data transformation
  • impact analysis

I am also a proponent of true Digital transformation.

What I used to do

Previously I was a front-end web developer, when that meant crafting semantic and accessible pages using HTML, CSS and a progressive sprinkling of JavaScript. I still care about that stuff and I hate what so many marketers and “brogrammers” are doing to the web.

Before that, and for over 20 years, I was a data warehouse and database application developer, expert in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. In that time, I learned businesses as diverse as retail banking, insurance, supply management and transport.


I live near Melbourne, Australia with my wife and children and their large collections of pets, plants and car parts.

I work part time—and with ridiculously flexible hours thanks to my employer—so that I can be a hands-on Dad. I’ve been working this way for over a decade now, and even when the youngest child is grown up soon, I doubt I’ll want to return to full time work in an office. I have seen the sky and I don’t want to wait until I retire to see it again.

I am deeply interested in the intersection of technology and design across a range of fields: sustainability, residential building and architecture, mobile computing, aerospace, automotive and more. I think the world is not on but past the cusp of change perhaps as great as the Industrial Revolution. This fascinates me.


I made this website using Jekyll and the standard minima theme lightly tweaked.