There are an infinite number of recipes for risotto. This is not a recipe, just a set of notes that assumes basic knowledge of how to cook the dish.


  • 1 cup rice
  • 100ml wine
  • 600ml stock, slightly more if adding vegetables at the start, slightly less if adding mushrooms


Risotto should be sloppy, enough to ooze on the plate. Which means it’s never as good the next day when the rice will have absorbed all the free moisture.

Carnaroli rice is better than arborio.

Fry the onion or leek gently in lots of oil until soft; it should not brown. Well, not unless you’re making something like a caramelised onion and red wine risotto.

Fry the rice gently until translucent.

Do not shock the rice with sudden temperature changes: the wine should be at least warm and the stock at a simmer

Once the wine is soaked up, add all the stock in one go. Then simmer for 16 minutes.

Do not stir constantly while it cooks. Give it only a gentle shake now and then.

Once it’s done, toss or stir, cover, and leave to rest for 5 minutes.